Hamster Love
Rich Nipple
Dog Cock
in Beverly Hills
God Bless America Only
Corn Baby Certified
Low Sperm Count
Xmas Troubles
Randy's Donuts
(Songs by Wyziwyg, Ween, Weird Al, The Frogs, Jerky Boys, etc.)

(Songs by William Shatner, Jerky Boys, Ween, Dr. Demento, etc.) 
(Songs by Ween, Blowfly, people trying to profit from 9/11, etc.)   
(Songs by South Park, Charles Manson, Disney, Cheech & Chong, etc.)
  (Songs by Shirley Q Liquor, Richard Cheese, Lisa Whelchel, etc.)   (Songs by Lobster Jesus, Wing, Rodney Dangerfield, etc.)
(Songs by Ween, Richard Simmons, Hulk Hogan, Little Marcy, Village People, etc.) 

(Themes: Hamsters, Muffins, Masturbation, Gayness)


(Themes: Dogs, Chickens, Animals)


(Themes: America, Camel Toes, Sitcom Themes)

(Themes: Scatological, Gayness, Michael Jackson's innocence, Square Dance Calling)

(Themes: Sperm, Bodily Issues) 

(Themes: Terrible and Hilarious Holiday Songs)

(Themes: Obesity, Diet, Exercise, Body Image, Bad children)



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